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Done Once, Done Right

Stencils Online is the product of Shapemakers, a Brisbane based manufacturing company that has been producing tough and durable stencils from a range of materials to a variety of industries for over fifteen years. An extensive client list ranges from linemarkers and builders to global corporations as well as individual customers who require a stencil for personal use. Our machinery is such that we can produce stencils in a vast range of sizes.

The majority of our stencils are produced from 3mm high density polyethylene (HDPE) as it has an outstanding lifespan. All of our HDPE stencils can endure repeated spraying without losing strength. Most customers report hundreds of sprays with no damage to the stencil. One of the many benefits of using HDPE is that paint does not stick, making it far easier to clean than metal stencils. HDPE is also more flexible than metal versions and will not dent or fold if dropped.

If you require extra flexibility we have options to suit your needs and can cut stencils from 1.5mm HDPE or even 1mm polypropylene. Individual requirements are always taken into account with every job so we can produce stencils that you can use again and again. Stencils Online is also able to produce stencils from magnetic sheet for customers who wish to spray objects like industrial bins and drums. Whilst these are not as durable as their HDPE counterparts and can sometimes be fragile, we take the greatest care to ensure that the stencil is as robust as possible. A magnetic stencil can eradicate many of the issues associated with attempting to wrap stencils around a drum or holding a large stencil to an industrial bin.

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