Australia's leading supplier of stencils for over 20 years.
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About Us

Welcome to Stencils Online (manufactured by Shapemakers).

We've been making stencils for over 25 years and are now Australia's premier online store for sourcing alphabet, number, words, symbols and custom made stencils. We make stencils in all sizes ranging from small stencils for dusting chocolate powder over cappuccino cups to large numbers and letters for airports and roads. 

We have produced:

  • Coffee stencils
  • Cocktail stencils
  • Chocolate stencils
  • Cake stencils
  • Biscuit stencils
  • Equipment stencils
  • Hand tool stencils
  • Scaffolding stencils
  • Airport runway stencils
  • Roadmarking stencils
  • Pavement marking stencils
  • Sporting field stencils
  • Wedding stencils
  • Carpark stencils
  • Trailer axle stencils
  • Skip bin stencils
  • Beehive stencils
  • 44 Gallon drum stencils

just to name a few!

Our stencils are used on the ground, under the ground in tunnels, on the sides of trucks, drums, skip bins, bee hives, ladders, scaffolding and walls. They are used everywhere...

We use premium grade sheet materials such as 1.5mm or 3mm high density polyethylene, 1mm polypropylene, 0.3mm thin polyester sheeting and 1.1mm galvanized steel sheet to ensure a long working life.  Material selection and thickness depends on your application.

Have a browse through our site and if you cannot find what you are looking for, please contact us at for your custom solution and don't forget our 3 day turnaround service. It's the best in the country!