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Sticky Stencils (Magnetic)

Our Sticky Stencils have been specially designed for stenciling items such as skip bins, metal recycling bins, large diameter steel pipes, tanks and any other ferromagnetic surface.

We have incorporated the durability of our HDPE stencils with the gripping that our magnetic stencils offer.

Our Sticky Stencils are produced by embedding rare earth magnets into the HDPE. It does not make the whole surface magnetic (as that can sometimes be a hindrance rather than a help) but we ensure we put enough magnets in to hold it in place whilst you spray. It means that items like skip bins are no longer a 2 - 3 person job.

Many of stencils can be transformed into a Sticky Stencil.

Send us an email to and we'll work out a price for your stencils as Sticky Stencils