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Available Materials

1.5mm & 3mm High Density PolyEthylene (HDPE)

The HDPE is the most durable of all our stencil materials with the 3mm being the most commonly used. The 1.5mm is mainly used for stencils with smaller letters or stencils that require a degree of flexibility as the 1.5mm will bend to a 100mm diameter.

One of the key features of the HDPE is that the paint does not key to it. This allows you to paint your job and let the paint dry on the stencil. When it is dry, you simply flex the stencil and the paint will chip off in flakes.

Another benefit is it's durability. The carbon in the HDPE makes it naturally UV stable. The HDPE will also not disfigured like metal stencils would should you accidently drop it.

Sheet size is 2440mm x 1220mm


1mm PolyPropylene (Poly)

We use the 1mm Poly when stencils have a high level of detail that requires laser cutting such as small text or fragile stencils.

Unfortunately unlike the HDPE, the paint does key to the Poly. The Poly does however, given an even greater degree of flexibility.

Sheet size is 1200mm x 600mm


0.8mm Magnetic

The 0.8mm Magnetic stencils are well suited for spraying objects such as skip bins and 44 gallon drums where you rely on the magnetic holding itself there whilst you spray.

The downside is that the magnetic material is unfortunately not as durable as our other materials and may tear if handled roughly.

The paint also keys to the magnetic however customers have advised us of greater success in eliminating paint by spraying with ArmorAll or Silicon Spray first.

Roll is 600mm wide



We are able to produce stencils in aluminium, stainless steel and galvanised. Whilst the paint keys to metal stencils, they do have their place in the commercial world where rolling or folding a stencil greatly helps to reduce handling time.


Polyester (0.1mm - 0.3mm depending on supplier)

This material is perfect for intricate stencils that require a greater deal of flexibility such as cake stencils or airbrushing stencils. The polyester is perfect if you need to airbrush a stencil onto an artwork or person and leaves a nice crisp finish when used correctly.

Sheet size is 450mm x 300mm

This product is not part of our 3 day turnaround guarantee